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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Preparation for image mounting at degree show

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The degree show is drawing closer by the day and one thing that I have to be certain about is how to present my images.  Sizes have already been discussed with a local picture framer, although how the prints will actually look on the wall is another matter.

At present my images are nothing more than a measurement written on a piece of paper.  However, one thing that I wanted to do was to see how they would physically look.  I decided to create a dummy print within a frame to help me figure out how many prints will fit within the 3 metres allocated to me.  There is no way that the ten prints will fit side by side, they will have to be displayed in two rows of five.  This may well work better as it will give me the chance to display five images from each of my main subjects.  Allowing each row of images space to breath.

So after carrying out measurements against a clean white wall 3 meters in length, I designed the plan below.  This is obviously not to exact scale but it is a guideline to how I want my body of work displayed.  The layout below is realistic and achievable and allows room for the work to breath.  I do not want the images bunched up together, as the important factor here is that the images tell the story.   Less, will definitely mean ‘more’ ‘in this case.

I plan to display five images from Katya and five images from Peter.  This gives two sides to the same story and again, gives balance to what I am trying to document.  There is plenty of space within the three metre wall space to allow the images to breath, giving people the chance to slowly look at each story.


Written by Dean O'Brien

March 2, 2012 at 11:19 am

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