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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Talk by Jason Tilley

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Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to have Jason Tilley talk to me and few others about his work.  Sitting with a small intimate group, listening to someone talk about their work with real passion is something that I have found to be one of the best university experiences.

Jason is half Indian and very proud of his families heritage, which is something that he wanted to explore further.  His story began with a look at his family history in particular his Grandfather who was a photographer.

Although Jason is dyslexic and by his own admission, was not very good academically, he found comfort in image making.  After completing work experience he went on to work at the Coventry Telegraph as a photographer for six years.

Eventually he needed a break and wanted to take his Grandfather back to India to visit the many places where he used to live and work.  They then spent three weeks travelling from Bombay to Bangalore often trying to track down people contained within his Grandfathers old images.  This gave Jason the boost which he needed and he spent the period from 2002 to 2009 travelling and living out of a backpack, making images along the way.

He emphasised the fact that with the medium in which he was shooting, the images seemed almost timeless.  Shooting medium format black & white film gave the images an almost dateless feel, especially when looking at those people within the images.  There were no modern clothes or electronic devices within the pictures to help us try to identify or pin down an area in time from when they were taken.

Most of Jason’s work appears Here on his blog titled ‘The Beautiful People Blog’ and is well worth spending the time to go through.

His closing statement seemed to sum it all up…’Maybe the project that you want to do is already there, you just need to find it’.

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Written by Dean O'Brien

March 2, 2012 at 10:16 am

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