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354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Curators role

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As the degree show draws closer it is vital that as many students take on a role and become a link in the chain that makes this thing happen.  As of yet I did not have a major role to play.  However, as of last week I am now part of the curation team.  Working closely with Greg and Sadie Kerr I will be responsible for ensuring that things run smoothly.  Acting as a bridge between those in charge and the students.

Paul Smith has provided me with a scale floor plan, and fellow student Larissa Grace is building a scale model to help give us a more visual idea of how things will look.  Once the model is built, students will then print off mini postage stamp size pictures of their images and these will be glued inside the scale model.  This will give a more realistic feeling to the how the exhibition will actually look.

At present I have posted notes into the Coventry BA Photography Facebook group page notifying fellow students of my role.  This will be where I will post any important information relating to the gallery exhibition.

This exhibition is the result of the groups three years work and needs to act as a springboard, launching many of us into the professional world of photography.  I’m determined to ensure that I do my best and that the exhibition is a real success for all.


Written by Dean O'Brien

April 6, 2012 at 4:04 pm

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