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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Where is she now?

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When I embarked on my project in Ukraine last year I met a wide range of women whom I interviewed.  Some were naturally better subjects to work with than others.  One of the subjects who I met a few times afterwards was Natasha.  She spoke great English which really helped in those early days when I was still developing the project.

We met for coffee a few times and one thing that I was drawn to was that she had started to develop what I would call a ‘Western sense of humour’.  She had met a few men through dating agencies so I figured this was something that she had picked up along the way.  Yes, I like many Brits have  come unstuck in foreign countries a few times with my rather dry, sometimes crass sense of humour.  I have lost count at the amount of times that I have cheered whilst in a packed restaurant when a plate or glass smashes on the floor.  Only to find tumble weeds blowing in my direction…

When I returned to the UK we kept in touch with the occasional email and via Skype, but this contact has now ceased.  She has not been visible on Skype for a long time and my emails now go unanswered.  So what puzzles me is…Where is she now?  Did she meet the man of her dreams? and more to the point…Will we ever meet again?


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 8, 2012 at 9:41 am

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