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When interviewing one of my subjects for my current  ‘Destination Unknown’ project last year I came across this letter.  I asked him to explain to me what it meant, as at first it appeared to be some kind of riddle or puzzle.

My subject went on to explain that he had met a Ukrainian woman a few weeks before and as the relationship had developed, she suggested that he meet her father.  So they travel for a couple of hours and get to her parents house.  Her parents could not speak English and my friend only a little Russian so the conversation was somewhat limited.  However, the international language of vodka drinking soon broke down any speech barriers and a good afternoon was had by all.

After a couple of hours things continued to go well, but as time was getting on they head to leave.  Before going, her father handed my subject this typed out note at the doorstep.  On the bus home he asked his girlfriend what it meant as he too at first had trouble deciphering what it meant.  She explained ‘Basically this means that my father thinks that you are good man.  Good man. With good heart. That he trusts me in the hands of you’.

A few weeks later the girl and my subject parted company, never to see each other again.  I now sit here wondering how many more of these notes her father has.  How many had he given out previously and how many more will he give out again?


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 16, 2012 at 11:19 pm

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