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354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Gallery curation and the allocation of gallery spaces for students

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Today was the day that spaces were allocated to students. In order to do this,  I met with Paul Smith, Sadie Kerr, Larissa and Greg at the gallery.  This was essential so that spaces were allocated fairly and with due consideration to the students specific requirements.

First of all we allocated students to the walled areas and then worked inwards to the stand alone plinths.  Post it notes with names were stuck to the walls showing who would be going where.  A simple method that proved effective.  This way at least things were starting to take shape and allocated spaces could easily be swapped around where necessary.

Problems were minor but ones that could have been avoided.  Around ten students had not bothered to resize images for the scale model or contact the curation team regarding this.  This left us to figure out what ‘their’ final plans might be.  So in their absence, we allocated what we thought might be a suitable space.

Below is a plan which I created showing where the students will be placed within the gallery.  I have distributed this plan in an email to Paul Smith, Sadie Kerr, Larissa Grace and Greg.


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 16, 2012 at 9:34 pm

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