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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: Britney comes to Kiev

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I remember last year taking this image in Kiev.  Britney Spears was coming to town.  She has the visual appearance that many women here would class as the ‘ideal’ woman.  Long blonde hair ‘not cut like a boy’ as many women here have told me.  They also tell me that this is why many Western men prefer women in Eastern Europe because ‘they still look like a woman should’.

Yes, the streets of Ukraine are full of women who according the Lonely Planet guide have ‘legendary beauty and devotion to personal grooming’.  Continuing to state that ‘they place much greater emphasis on their looks than their Western counterparts’.

I’m not here to make judgements but to document marriage agencies and why so many women are trying to leave a country they love.  But what I have discovered is that adverts here have a massive influence on daily life.  They continue to show a life that is out of reach for many, but a look that is achievable.


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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