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352mc Professional Photographic Practice: List of References

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Amadelio Film (2011) “The Russians” – a film about Oleg Videnin [online] available from <> [5 January 2012]

Atem Books (2011) ‘Kich Gorodok & Gorelovka’ [online] available from <> [21 February 2012]

Berger, John (1972) Ways of Seeing, London: Penguin

Georgiou, George (2012) George Georgiou website [online] available from <> [6 May 2012]

Gronsky, Alexander (2012) Alexander Gronsky website [online] available from <> [6 May 2012]

Hannes, Nick (2009) Red Journey, Belgium: Lannoo


Hughes, Donna M The Role of “Marriage Agencies” in the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women from the Former Soviet Union [online] available from <> [15 January 2012]

Ivanova, Olya (2011) Kich Gorodok & Gorelovka, Spain: Atem Books

Ludwig, Gerd (2001) Broken Empire, Italy: National Geographic

Magnum (2009) Georgian Spring: A Magnum Journal, London: Chris Boot

Marino, Maria (2011) ‘Grozny: Nine Cities’ [online] available from <> [24 November 2011]

Mcluhan, Marshal (2008) The Medium is the Massage, London: Penguin

Mikhailov, Boris (1999) Case History, Germany: Scalo

Mikhailov, Boris (2011) Tea Coffee Cappuccino, Germany: Walther Konig

Monteleone, Davide (2007) Dusha – Russian Soul, Italy: Postcart Edizioni

Mueller, Wolfgang (2003) Karat, Berlin: Vice Versa Verlag

Roberts, Simon (2012) Simon Roberts website (2012) [online] available from <> [6 April 2012]

Roberts, Simon (2007) Motherland, London: Chris Boot

Russia Today (2011) ‘Ukraine’s stray dogs burnt on altar of Euro 2012’  [online] available from <> [6 December 2011]

Russia Today (2011) Cheat Happens: Senate hopeful in US – hobo in Ukraine’ [online] available from <> [27 November 2011]

Smyth, D. (2011) ‘Anastasia Taylor-Lind’s Cossack Revival’. British Journal of Photography  [online] available from <> [22 October 2011]

Taylor Lind, Anastasia (2012) Anastasia Taylor Lind website [online] available from <> [7 March 2012]

Taylor-Lind, A. (2012) Interview with Anastasia Taylor-Lind. Interviewed by Dean O’Brien [skype] Coventry, 8th March 2012.

Turczan, Katherine (2012) Katherine Turczan website (2012) [online] available from <> [5 May 2012]

ukarainianreport (2011) Ukraine. A Banana Republic Forever?! [online] available from <> [4 December 2011]


Videnin, Oleg (2011) The Russians  [DVD]  United Kingdom: Amadelio

Videnin, Oleg (2011) The Return Route, Moscow: Art Volkhonka

Weber, Donald (2012) Donald Weber website (2012) [online] available from <> [31 March 2012]

Weber, Donald (2008) Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyyl, USA: Photolucidia

Weber, Donald (2011) Interrogations, Amsterdam: Schilt Publishing


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 22, 2012 at 12:09 am

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