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354MC Professional Practice Portfolio: Postcards and stand for exhibition

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As the exhibition draws closer I need to look at how I am going to capture the audience.   To enable them to engage with my work and maybe look at it afterwards.  Originally, I was going to produce a colour A4 price list with details of prints etc…and then have some business cards sitting alongside.  However, this could look a little too fussy and messy.  I figured that a more contemporary, subtle approach would work best.  Both Paul Smith and Sadie Kerr agreed that if people want to buy your work , they will find a way to get in touch with you.  It was then that I decided on just producing postcards.

The postcards were created and sourced online and just contained the very basics on the reverse.  This is what I wanted.  They work better both visually and physically as they can be easily slipped into a pocket or handbag and then maybe pinned onto a noticeboard afterwards.  So that in a small way, the project still lives outside of the exhibition.

Once the postcards arrived it was then a case of finding a suitable holder for them that could stand independently on a desk.  This was sourced from ebay for £6.00.

I have just emailed Greg to ensure that there is a table (roughly around waist height) near the gallery entrance.  This is so that these and other similar promotional pieces can all be placed together for viewers to gather on their way in or when leaving the exhibition.


Written by Dean O'Brien

May 28, 2012 at 11:01 am

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