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London visit to Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain HQ

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On Wednesday I travelled down to London and was privileged to be given a guided tour of the  AUGB (Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain) headquarters.  Fellow Coventry University student Myroslava Terlecky, who is currently interning there helping to develop their social media platforms arranged the visit.

I managed to meet up with Dr. Ludmila Pekarska who showed me the mass of archives that the AUGB  have collected over the years.  These include books, periodicals, paintings and sculptures.  I was even shown a collections of books dating back to 1882.  This is not just an office, but something more like a museum come heritage centre for Ukrainian history.

As I toured the rooms I was amazed at just how many artefacts the association had collected over the years.  Original letters and photographs are displayed on the walls telling stories dating back many years.

Fortunately for me, I arrived at the ideal time as they were just preparing for the private view of the Happenstance Art exhibition ‘Welcome to Ukraine’.  I managed to look at all the pieces on display before they were shown to the public.  There was some great work here and before leaving Ludmila said ‘Maybe one day we will see your work here’, well nothing would give me greater pleasure I can promise you.

Yet again I want to thank Myroslava Terlecky for her never ending help and Dr. Ludmila Pekarska for taking the time to show me around the AUGB’s fantastic building.

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Written by Dean O'Brien

June 15, 2012 at 9:01 am

Posted in Ukraine

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