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If there is one thing that I don’t make enough of it’s photo films.  Images placed together with sound to engage an audience.  There is no doubt that it does bring a project to life, and that by adding sound it does make the subject more ‘real’.

I’m planning to present more of my work this way in future.  I’m guessing it’s a much more visually pleasing experience for those reading my blog on tablets or smart phone and lets face it, everything is about convenience these days.

Below is one of the first photo films I made with Katya.  Katya was searching for a partner through a marriage agency in Kyiv, Ukraine.  It was part of a larger project ‘Destination Unknown’ which documented marriage agencies and those who join them.

What the film managed to do was open peoples eyes to the real issues here.  Many here in the UK have the opinion that these women just want a British passport and to leave Ukraine.  However, after spending time with Katya it emerged that this was not the case.  Given the choice most women would prefer to remain in Ukraine, but due to social conditions (poor work opportunities, poor pay, corrupt government and Police etc…), not to mention a huge shortage of men (Ukraine has approx 3.5 million women more than men) they have no choice but to look further afield.

[vimeo 33946654]

Written by Dean O'Brien

August 18, 2013 at 9:19 am

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