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Ukraine v England – The battle takes to the streets before the game

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Football hooliganism is nothing new.  In England, Ukraine or anywhere else.   The alpha males entering into the equivalent of a ‘dick swinging contest’ on each others turf.

On Sunday evening a fight went off between Ukrainian and England supporters at the outdoor terrace of Chateau cafe on Khreshchatyk Street.  As expected, reports are sketchy to say the least.  There was anything between 40 and 100 English supporters singing and dare I say ‘doing what football fans do’.  An argument started with local fans who called in the equivalent of an artillery strike.

This resulted in a few supporters injured and some England flags stolen.  Trophies taken from the battle.  I suppose the only consolation for the England supporters is that they can be sure they will see the flags again, either on fire at the game on Tuesday or being flaunted on social media forums egging them on for ’round 2′.

What made the attack sound dramatic was when it was reported that some of the attackers were masked up and that it seemed fairly organised.  This all seems very reminiscent of the Tottenham fans who were attacked in Italy last year.  Different country, different team but same modus operandi.  Regardless of how the media make this sound, this isn’t a Ukrainian issue.  It’s a hooligan issue.  See it for what it is.

Below is an image I took last year before the Euros.  Foxes marking their pissing ground.  That’s all it is.  Nothing more.



Written by Dean O'Brien

September 9, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Posted in Ukraine

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  1. Interesting piece, Dean,

    In this case, i think it is more of a Ukrainian problem.

    The authorities have been attempting to “clamp down” on football fans – I’ve been reading a couple of the Dynamo Forums – fans are claiming this is an act of political provocation – an excuse to further restrict the 99% of fans who support their teams vocally (without violence).

    It just so happens that these fan groups are predominantly anti-Regions and anti-Yanukovych. As mentioned above, the ‘dick swinging’ usually involves leaving a calling card or at least the chanting of a particular teams name, though the videos on YouTube give no indication of this.

    Here’s the text:


    Организованные фанатские движения окрещиваются от избиения англичан на Крещатике.

    «На 99,9% уверен, что организованные болельщики не имеют отношения к драке с англичанами. Клубным фанатам нет смысла драться с «дедушками», которые пришли выпить пива, – сказал «Комментариям» на условиях анонимности один из лидеров организованного фанатского движения в Киеве. – В Украине есть силы, которые используют футбол в своих целях. Такие ситуации будут возникать и в дальнейшем. Это была политическая провокация. Настоящие болельщики не имеют отношения к этой драке».

    Напомним, ранее сообщалось, что в Киеве 30 человек с ножами напали на английских фанов. Скорая помощь госпитализировала в больницу троих иностранцев: у одного парня – рана от удара ножом, у другого – разбита голова, его ударили стеклянной бутылкой, у третьего – сильные ушибы. Украинцы не пострадали”

    Now I’m not saying there isn’t fascist element in Ukrainian ultras, the pictures above clearly show that – its just that, as ever with Ukraine, nothing is ever as it seems.

    If you have a spare hour, give this a watch, made by Ukrainian football fans – its a bit old, pre-Euros – but does still hold relevance today:

    Stefan Jajecznyk

    September 9, 2013 at 8:10 pm

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