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U.K Government Release Latest Travel Advice for Ukraine

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Well the FCO have released the latest travel advice for Ukraine and it makes for a rather interesting read.  Reading between the lines one could think this is the FCO firing a few warning shots (excuse the pun) at those of us who want to document both sides of this conflict.

With Ben Stimson being the first Brit to be jailed for travelling to (apparently) fight with the non-government forces in eastern Ukraine.  Those who know Ben have said he was in Donbass to drive an ambulance (not fight) but stitched up by the BBC when he agreed to be interviewed and was asked to hold a weapon during the filming of this.  Needless to say, this obviously did him no favours and he was jailed for just over 5 years.  The word naivety springs to mind.  Below Ben explains a bit more about this to Graham Phillips.

I’ll not take sides in this dispute, but make clear that I believe in free press.  Free press on all sides of this conflict.  As there are hardly any westerners covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine its hard to get a handle on what’s really happening there.  So we ‘do’ need them there reporting their findings, whatever that may be.

After the fiasco with Ben Stimson it’s clear to see that big organisations such as the BBC can’t be trusted.  Independent journalists, photographers and reporters being our only hope.  They answer to nobody and have more opportunity to tell it exactly it how it is.  They face the real danger of being injured (for little or no reward) and now the risk of being detained and questioned when they head back to the U.K.

If the British government are planning a campaign to silence those who wish to cover the ‘other side’ of the conflict then that’s worrying.  Very worrying.



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July 23, 2017 at 10:39 pm

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