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Where my photography all started…….

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Eternity Magazine: The most innovative & well respected of all the specialised rave magazines coming out of the UK in the ’90’s. Persecuted by some for attemping to change the way that published media was presented & for introducing new thoughts & ideas into the conscience of the rave fraternity, but mostly remembered with nothing but the utmost respect and dignity by those that contributed to its cause, either as part of its dedicated following or those that were lucky enough to contribute to its editorial process.

Since around the age of 17 I have always owned a camera.  My first being a Halina 110 if my memory serves me well enough.  Like many other people growing up I always had a great love of music and was sucked into the rave scene when that kicked off.  I was at raves every weekend all over the country but as the ‘money men’ moved in, charging stupid money  for entry into events I started to attend the free parties that were going on.  These events took place at empty warehouses or farm building and could go on for days.  The first one which I attended was at Dallow Road Industrial Estate in Luton.  This was organised by Exodus and I was to be a regular photographer at their free parties for a few years.  Whilst I was there the Police turned up and there was a big stand off between the Police and around 4000 ravers.  At around this time a rave magazine called ‘Eternity’ had started up so I decided to give them a call and ask them to cover the next event.  I explained to them what I had witnessed and that I had also taken some photos.  They suggested that if I was prepared to write a few words and post the photos into them, then they would give me credit for it in the magazine.  I agreed to do this and after a short while I was then asked to do deejay interviews for the magazine and cover much larger legal events in the rave scene.  Deejay’s who I interviewed included Micky Finn, Darren Jay, DJ Hype, Doc Scott, Ellis Dee and Swanee.  I wrote regularly in Eternity Magazine for almost three years before I decided to call it a day.  There was no wage involved just expenses covered but I was more than happy with that arrangement.  As other commitments became a priority in my life I could no longer write or take images for the magazine, but I am always grateful for the opportunity that it gave me.

Below are some of the many images, articles and interviews which I did for Eternity magazine.


Written by Dean O'Brien

December 18, 2009 at 8:48 pm